and all is coming​


listen to your breath,
contemplate the sound of each inhalation and exhalation.
Life, like breathing, happens by itself.

This is ashtanga yoga.   

the symphony of movements

Ashtanga is a symphony of movements.

When the succession of the different notes mixes harmoniously with silence in a methodical way we have music, when the breath is holding together a specific set of postures we have a moving art—welcome to ashtanga yoga.

The post-colonial attitude of yoga-practitioners contextualising asana as yoga and yoga as religion would talk about a traditional approach of ashtanga yoga. In India yoga is taught mainly by Brahmin (priest cast) and each class is accompanied by prayers derived from Hindu scriptures or poetry. It is fundamental to remember that until recent this same discipline was the antithesis of brahminical Hinduism, being neglected by pandits and the British colonizers.

Yoga sees now a worldwide audience composed by a majority of female practitioners. This shows how in less than a century the practice of yoga overcame this religious dispute getting to the leading cast of Indian society and spreading across the world, defeating even the well-rooted patriarchy.

Speaking about a living tradition is probably more appropriate. I believe that when the core of the practice remains unaltered, the sequence can be modified depending on age and physical condition of the student.

ashtanga mattia

I find ultimate happiness in seeing the shiny eyes of a client after a massage, I feel I am fulfilling my life purpose seeing the inspiration behind my student's practice.

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Integral Intensive Ashtanga

100 hours certified YA Yoga Teacher Trainings:
philosophy, pranayama, yoga sutra & mantra chanting, history and evolution of yoga, asana intelligence, mythology and much more...

Seeing yoga as a service for society, Mattia is part and welcomes new social programs.

Delivering professional and customized private yoga classes in order to polish one’s practice.

Offering different group modalities like retreats, yoga or  thai-massage trainings.

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