Nuad Bo Rarn massage is an holistic style aiming to re-establish balance and a state of health and well being in the whole body

reaching the soul with a touch

Inner peace is the highest goal in life. Cultures, religions, beliefs have been created to attain this most delightful state of peace and balance within oneself. The ancient art of massage was another tool used to re-establish a state of health and inner peace in people in need. There is no strict geographical location, every culture in the world developed its own kind of bodywork, specific with the available materials, oils, weather and life style of the people.

Thai-massage is strongly inspired by Indian Ayurvedic science and Traditional Chinese Acupressure. Gentle pressure on specific meridians along with stretches and bodily manipulation will allow the energy to flow freely in the body.

yoga for lazy people

Studying and discovering different massage techniques was the second reason to fuel Mattia’ intensive travels in Asia. The enormous complexity of the sciences of Ayurveda and Nuad Bo Rarn—ancient Thai massage—can easily be explained with the Latin phrase mens sana in corpore sano—a healthy mind in a healthy body. Being exposed to postural yoga, Mattia experienced this deep truth and realized the harmony in between the intertwined body and mind complex can easily be achieved working on its manifest form: the body.

feeling life poring out of your fingertips, you will experience a new body

Mattia studied extensively in Chang Mai, Thailand, the northern style Thai-massage. His foundations lays from studying all the levels in the most notorious schools like Sunshine Massage School and International Thai-Massage (ITM).

With time and dedication, all flowers blooms. After months in Chang Mai, Mattia came to know of two of his most valuable jewels: Ajarn Sinchai and Jack Chaya.

Jack Chaya is the son of the legendary Mama Chaya and his massage style comes from an ancient matriarchal tradition. His technique is also known as jap sen or nerve touch. Jack Chaia is a very methodical teacher, precise and interested in the complete execution of the discipline without missing even one step.

Ajarn Sinchai is considered the masseur of the masseurs, Mr Sinchai worked for his whole life at the rehabilitation center of the hospital, helping people recover from paralysis to strokes. His technique is unique and well different from the classical spa-kind of Thai massage. Sinchai works on deep pressure on specific points of the body; leaving little concerns for the pleasure of his treatment, his goal is to heal, no fuzz.

“Practicing the sequence of Jack is like entering a deep meditation, you can feel the flow of energy in the body and how each touch opens up the channels and allows a natural flow of life force”

In India Mattia studied the basis of ayuverda and ayurvedic massage before meeting Ananta, a wonderful masseur that taught him Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.

“More than simple body work this style of massage is another powerful healing technique which combines the usage of oils with work on the energy lines of yoga.”

Mattia travels extensively teaching the healing arts of yoga and massage. Years of practice and study made his understanding of these disciplines as entangled and one necessary for the other. A good masseur needs to know how to keep his body and mind strong in order to give good massages, a good asana teacher needs to have skillful experience in body work in order to adjust students during the practice avoiding injuries.

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