You do not need to be experienced practitioners in order to join an yoga class, you do not need to have pain to ask for massage. A meeting is a meeting, if you feel the call just click and let it happens.


be part of the breathing revolution

2020 program:
January, teacher training Mysore, India
February, yoga retreat, Chiang Mai, Thailand
March, regular teaching + workshops, AshtangaVenice, Italy
April, teacher training + workshops, Alexandria, Egypt
May, workshop, Belgium & Spain
June, teacher training + workshops, Alexandria & Cairo, Egypt
July,teacher training, Mysore, India
October,teacher training, Mysore, India
November,teacher training, Mysore, India
December,teacher training, Mysore, India

If money is a concern, we offer one full scholarship and one half-price scholarship for each event.


yoga is a service to society

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